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The College Libraries are now open to the HCCC community -

STEM Program

Library guide for those majoring in any of the STEM programs offered at HCCC




This page will provide you with useful information that covers material related to the Engineering aspect of the STEM Program. Each tab below will link you to material specific to a particular field of Engineering dealing with that tab.

Searching for STEM Journal Articles

When using the databases below, select the subject term that best describes what you are looking for. (ex. "Fibonacci number").

Do not enter whole sentences. Unlike Google, these databases search by key words and subjects. If your search requires more than one or two terms (ex. ""smart phones" AND algorithms) then try an Advanced Search and enter your  search words in separate rows.

For further information on searching these databases see the Help guides below:

Engineering Science

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Bio Medical Engineering

Genetic Engineering

Structural Engineering