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HCCC Libraries Artwork

Showcasing artwork displayed in both Gabert and NHC Libraries.

Study Room L219

John T Rowland Partial Elevator in Details John T Rowland Rear Elevator and Canopy


John T. Roeland (1971- 1945)

Public Service Gas Company and Public Service Electric Company 

ca. 1912

Ink on linen 

Long before architects used CAD (Computer Aided Design), each plan for a building required painstaking and careful hand-printed work with an ink pen on linen. This was one of the original architectural drawings for the building across the street, at 25 Journal Square. Rowland, an American architect, served as the Supervising Architect for Jersey City, New Jersey Board of Education for forty-two years. Projects he designed include several buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Among Rowland’s historic designs are most of the buildings at the Jersey City Medical Center, the Labor Bank Building, and William L. Dickinson High School as well as many other public buildings. Rowland, an 1893 graduate of Cornell University, designed twenty-five public and private schools in Jersey City.