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The College Libraries are now open to the HCCC community -

English 102: Preventing Childhood Obesity


In order to access the resources listed below from off-campus, you will need to log in using your Canvas credentials.


When beginning your research, you may want to consult a specialized encyclopedia. Specialized encyclopedias can provide with an overview of the particular topic you have chosen. If you are still searching for a topic or need to narrow it down further, browsing this type of resource can aid in this process. The Gale Virtual Reference Library contains encylopedia articles on a variety of topics in several disciplines, including economics and the social sciences in general.



 EBSCOHost Databases --Databases containing magazine, newspaper, and scholarly journal articles from a variety of sources. Some databases within EBSCOHost are general, but many are discipline-specific. The following descriptions provide further information about EBSCOHost databases relevant to the topic of preventing childhood obesity.

Databases covering all subjects

Relevant subject-specific databases

If you are specifically looking for peer-reviewed articles for your research and choose to search the EBSCOHost databases, you have the option of limiting your results to only peer-reviewed sources. To do so, check off the box on the home screen that says "Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals". 


CQ Researcher Online--contains lengthy reports on controversial issues


For short viewpoint essays on a variety of controversial topics, you may want to try...


Opposing Viewpoints in Context



Points of View



LexisNexis Academic--features newspaper articles from around the world dating back as far as the past 10-15 years

ScienceDirect--features scholarly journal articles relating to science and health


If you wish to view tutorials that can aid you in navigating these databases, click on the link provided below: