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English 102: Gun Control and Violence

English 102: Gun Violence

Welcome to the HCCC Library's LibGuide for English 102: Gun Control and Violence! 

What is gun control?

Gun control is a set of laws or policies designed to regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians. It is intended to reduce the risk of injury or death associated with the improper or illegal use of firearms. Gun control measures may include background checks, registration, licensing, bans on certain types of firearms or ammunition, and restrictions on the open or concealed carry of firearms in public places.

Why is gun control important?

Gun control is important because it helps to protect citizens from gun violence, which is a significant public health issue. Gun control measures can help to reduce the number of homicides, suicides, and other gun-related injuries and deaths. By making it more difficult for dangerous people to get their hands on guns, gun control can help to reduce the risk of mass shootings and other acts of gun violence. It can also help to ensure that guns are used responsibly and safely.

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