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Welcome to 2023!

We are very excited to see new and familiar faces back on campus!


Accessibility Request

HCCC Library staff strive to provide quality services and resources to all our patrons. Upon request, our library staff can assist you with but not limited to:

  • Using the computers and printers.
  • Scanning to readable text.
  • Retrieving books from shelves.
  • Searching the library catalogs.
  • Accessing databases.

If you need special services, please contact Jacqueline Safont (201-360-5337,, our college's Director of Accessibility Services.

Assistive Technology

Accessible Computer

Gabert Library has a dedicated workstation for students with special needs. It is located on the first floor of the library. It has Windows 10, Internet connection, Microsoft Office suite and Narrator for screen reading, and a large print keyboard.

OCR Scanners

Each library has an OCR scanner to scan print documents to searchable and readable text.


Both libraries have headsets on loan to play audio or reduce distraction.


Both libraries have magnifying glasses to help reading - page size rigid magnifiers and round magnifiers with handle .

Page size magnifier and round magnifier with handle

Physical Accessibility


Gabert Library has a lift for access to both 1st and 2nd floors within the library. NHC library has public elevators near the entrance.

Open elevator