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Library Instruction

Request for Library Instruction

Librarians teach classes on the use of print and online resources, including Noodletools, the Library citation generator. Classes are tailored to meet the needs of classes and specific class assignments. At Gabert Library, classes are held in L319. At the North Hudson Campus, location will vary depending upon availability of computer lab space. 

Instructors must be present for the instruction session. To invite a librarian to your class, please complete the request form below.

HCCC Library Instruction Request Form

Upon receiving the request, a librarian will reach out to you and provide the selected type of instruction to your students.

Ensuring a successful instruction session

  • Please allow at least one week’s notice when scheduling the session
  • Work with librarians to establish learning outcomes for the session
  • Make sure that students understand the research assignment before the session
  • Actively participate during the session, ask questions, etc.