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The College Libraries are now open to the HCCC community -


Welcome to the MakerSpace!


The HCCC MakerSpace is a space for you to explore your creative side, share interests and ideas with peers, and work on projects.

It is open to HCCC students, faculty, staff and alumni.

What is in the MakerSpace?

  • 3D printers;
  • VR (Virtual Reality) headsets;
  • STEM kits;
  • Video games (Nintendo Wii U and Switch);
  • Button makers;
  • Assorted craft items, like paints, markers, craft papers, etc.


  • Gabert Library: L116
  • NHC Library: Mobile (Inside the library, Student Lounge or Multi-purpose Room).


To make an appointment, please contact James Cox (201-360-4354;, Director of Patron Services.


  • The MakerSpace is available for students, staff, faculty, and alumni use. Ask Library staff members at the front desk before using the MakerSpace and its equipment. Every student/group using the MakerSpace will be overseen by a Library staff member at all times. If Library staff are unable to attend to the MakerSpace, the MakerSpace will not be open for use.  
  • A sign-in sheet will be used for each event and club meeting. Please sign in, even if you are just there to hang-out, or by yourself. 
  • Keep the MakerSpace clean. Cleaning supplies are available for use.  Be sure to put back the supplies in their appropriate locations.  Clean up after yourself. 
  • If you encounter any issue with computers, 3D printer, video games and other electronic devices, notify a Library staff member to troubleshoot. Please don't troubleshoot yourself. 
  • Food is no longer allowed in the MakerSpace. Drinks with lids are allowed. Please clean up any spills. 
  • Remember that the MakerSpace is a public space. Library staff may come in during an event/club meeting to use shared resources. Other people may come in unannounced, including cleaning staff. 
  • Be nice to each other. Respect each other. The MakerSpace strictly adheres to the College's Code of Conduct. If you violate these guidelines, you may be asked to leave. 
  • Remember to have fun! This space is meant for you to bring your projects and ideas to life!