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Citation & Style Guides

.com =  Commercial
Is the most widely used extension in the world and represents commercial sites, which can be biased but can also provide useful information.

.net =  Network
Was originally intended for sites related to the Internet, but now used for a variety of sites.

.org =  Organization
Originally intended for non-commercial "organizations", but now used for a wide variety of sites.

.edu =  Educational
Used for educational institutions like universities and colleges, these sites usually provide factual information.

.biz =  Business 
Used for small business sites.

.gov =  Government
Used for U.S. Government sites, these usual present factual information.                                                                                

.mil =  Military
Used for U.S. Military sites.

.int =  Intergovernmental 
Used for registering organizations established by international treaties between or among national governments.



The Domain Name System acts like a phone book for the Internet by translating IP addresses into user-friendly computer hostnames, or domain names, which are the suffixes found at the end of website URLs.