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What is Poetry

What is Poetry?

Poetry is a form of creative writing that uses rhythmic language and often incorporates figures of speech to create an emotional, imaginative, and/or intellectual response. It can be written or spoken and often follows a particular structure or pattern.

Why is Poetry important?


Poetry is an important form of expression that can help us make sense of the world around us. It can provide an outlet for emotions and thoughts that are difficult to express in other forms of communication. Poetry also has the power to bring about social change, by inspiring us to think deeply and critically about the issues we face, and encouraging us to take action. Poetry can also help us to appreciate beauty and connect with others, even when we differ in our beliefs and experiences. Finally, poetry can provide a sense of comfort and solace, by helping us process our emotions and providing an outlet for our feelings.


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Portrait of Ezra Jack Keats from chest up. He wears a black jacket with a white shirt and red turtleneck sweater. He is in front of a house with a green yard. The background is semi blurry.

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