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Religions of the West

This guide is designed to support the research of the students in Professor Lisa Bellan-Boyer's Religions of the West class.

About this Page

To the right are required course texts and recommended reading material and films to supplement our coursework.

When available, recommended materials are linked to the HCCC Library Catelog. NOTE some materials are in Professor L.B-B's reserve and will have to be requested.

Required Course Texts

Recommended Books

Recommended Films and Videos

Recommended Movies

“Agnes of God”

“All Quiet On The Western Front”


“Amazing Grace”


“Andrei Rublev”

“Babette’s Feast”

“Being Human”


“Bend It Like Beckham”

“The Big Night”

“Black Robe”

“Bowling for Columbine”

“The Chosen”

“Constantine’s Sword”


“Dances With Wolves”

“The Defiant Ones”


“El Cid”

“El Norte”

“End of the Spear”

“Europa, Europa”

“Fried Green Tomatoes”


“Gangs of New York”

“Grand Canyon”

“Grey Owl”

“Hester Street”

“Household Saints”

“Immortal Beloved”

“Jesus of Montreal”

“Jesus of Nazareth”

“King of Kings” (silent film)

“Leap of Faith”

“Like Water for Chocolate”

“Lilies of the Field”


“Malcolm X” (Spike Lee)

“The Magdalene Sisters”

“The Mission”

“Monsoon Wedding”

“Mississippi Masala”

“Moscow on the Hudson”

“My Beautiful Launderette”

“The Name of the Rose”

“The New World”

“Night of the Hunter”


“Paper Clips”

“The Passion of the Christ”


“Places In The Heart”

“The Pianist”

“Playing For Time”

“Prince Among Slaves”



“Roger and Me”


“Say Amen, Somebody”


“Smoke Signals”


“Time of the Gypsy”

“To Kill A Mockingbird”

“Tortilla Soup”


“Wedding in Galilee”

“Welcome To The Paradise”

“Whale Rider”