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O'Reilly for Higher Education User Guide


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​HCCC students, faculty, and staff now have complete access to O’Reilly for Higher Education. O’Reilly for Higher Education includes technology and business content from more than 250 publishers - along with videos, case studies, expert-curated learning paths, and self-assessments on exclusive O'Reilly-produced content from world-renowned innovators and corporate leaders. Unlimited user access.


How to log in:

You can access O'Reilly for Higher Education on and off-campus.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your HCCC credentials.

HCCC login form

​If you encounter any access issues, please contact us via email:


O'Reilly content is organized by topics for easy browsing.

1. From the toolbar, click Explore, then select All Topics.

OReilly Explore menu. All Topics at top of menu.

2. Choose the topics that you are interested in from the first search box. The searching results can be sorted by Popularity, Date Added, or Publication Date. You also have the option to limit the format to Book, Case Study, Learning Path, Playlist, video, etc.

OReilly sample search results for SSH.



3.Click on the book you'd like to explore to enter the book page. There you'll see the book information including author, description,  table of contents reviews, etc.

OReilly book info page. Sample book is SSH The Secure Shell. Shows the book description in a paragraph.


4.To Start reading, click the "Start Reading Now" button.


Start reading now

5.And Enjoy your book.

OReilly ebook of SSH The Secure Shell.




1. Click on the search bar and enter a term you want to search for

OReilly search box. HTML is typed on the search box along with some titles of books.

2. Then you can filter what your looking for

Filter for All, Books, Videos, Learning Paths, and Playlists. All is highlighted.


Find a Playlist or Create Your Own

1. To browse the shared playlists, click Explore then Shared Playlists from the left sidebar.

OReilly Explore drop down menu. Shared Playlists is highlighted.

Then you'll see a list of playlists created by HCCC community or O'Reilly. You can click a playlist to view all the selected titles.

Test screenshot of Discover tab of playlists for Your Organization.

2. To Make your own playlist, first click the "new +" button.

New + button

Fill in Name (required) and description for your new playlist, and click the "Create Playlist" button.

Create playlist form. Text box for name. Text box for Description. White Cancel button. Red Create Playlist button.

Time to add books to your playlist.

When you find a book you'd like to add, click on the "Add to Playlist" icon 

Designing Data-Intensive Applications sample book

Next, click on your playlist. The selected book will be included in your playlist.

Playlist menu icon

Oreilly playlist icon clicked with Test Playlist highlighted


Edit a Playlist

1. To view and edit your playlists, go to the tab "Your Playlists" at the top of the page.

Your Playlist tab highlighted next to Discover tab.

2. Click on the three dots icon from the playlist you want to edit.

Test playlist with Designing Data Intensive Applications book. Three dots are shown on bottom right.

3. Press the "Edit" button.

Three dots menu with Edit highlighted.

4. Now you can edit the name or description of your playlist.

Edit playlist form

Share a Playlist

1. Go to the playlist that you'd like to share. In this example, we will use one of ours.

Designing data intensive applications sample book

2. Click on the icon (lines with the little plus) then "Share Settings".

Menu with Edit, Share Settings, Duplicate, and Delete.


3. Change the Share Settings. You can choose from Private, HCCC, or Public Playlist.

Share playlist form. Radio buttons for Private Playlist, Hudson County Community College Playlist, and Public Playlist. Public Playlist is chosen.

4. Now you can send the playlist via email, or copy the link and share with someone.