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HIS211 - History of Western Civilization II

English 102: Proposals for School Change

Welcome to the HCCC Library's LibGuide for History 211 History of Western Civilization II! 

About this guide...

This guide is designed to show you some tools for getting background on your Western Civilization history topic and finding books and research articles to help support your presentation. At the end of the guide are some useful pointers to help you with MLA citation format.


Students will develop a PowerPoint presentation on a topic in WCIV II history (1600 - Present C.E.). A list of topics from which to pick will be distributed.  You will present your research in front of the class, focusing on the facts of your subject and your critical analysis of the topic from a historic perspective.  In other words, why is your subject important? How did it impact World History?

The presentation will need to be created in powerpoint using 12-15 slides. Images must be included on every slide along with bullet points.  Sources must be consulted and cited in MLA format. A works cited on the final slide must be included.