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Religions of Asia

This guide is designed to support the research of the students in Professor Lisa Bellan-Boyer's Religions of Asia class.

About this Guide

This guide provides a list of major library resources for the study of the course "Religions of Asia" at Hudson County Community College.

Course Description

This course is an introduction and exploration of some of the great religions of the world, focusing on Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikh, Jain, Tao, Shinto, and other important traditions in the cultures of Asia. The course will include perspectives from indigenous cultures, and the ways local folk traditions have influenced expressions of faith and belief in Asia and beyond. Examining adaptations of Asian religious traditions in Western culture, the course will look at scripture, literature, and sacred arts, folklore, holiday and ritual traditions, social and political history, and contemporary challenges to religious communities. Site visits and direct experiences of area communities will be encouraged and expected.