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Religions of Asia

This guide is designed to support the research of the students in Professor Lisa Bellan-Boyer's Religions of Asia class.

About this Page

To the right are required course texts and recommended reading material and films to supplement our coursework.

When available, recommended materials are linked to the HCCC Library Catelog. NOTE some materials are in Professor L.B-B's reserve and will have to be requested.

Required Course Texts

Recommended Books

Recommended Films and Videos

Personal Collection in HCCC Libraries

The following films are in the personal collection of Professor Bellan-Boyer.  Please ask her to borrow her copy if you are interested in viewing one.

  • “Gandhi” 1982 feature film starring Ben Kingsley, Directed by Richard Attenborough.
  • “In the Footsteps of the Buddha” PBS documentary
  • “The Last Emperor” 1987 film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.
  • “POV: Point of View: The Dalai Lama” PBS  documentary
  • “Tibetan Sandpainting” 1991 video with the Namgyal Monks at the San Francisco Museum of Art
  • “To Live” 1994 film, directed by Zhang Yimou
  • “Whale Rider” 2002 film directed by Niki Caro
  • “Wide Angle: Inside North Korea” PBS documentary
  • “Worship of God in the Form of Mother Kali” 1995 independent video

Recommended Movies

“Anna and the King”

“The Bridge Over the River Kwai”

“The Color of Fear”

“Dim Sum”

“Eat, Drink, Man, Woman”


“Farewell, My Concubine”

“Fat Man and Little Boy”


“Flower Drum Song”


“The Good Earth”

“The Inn of the Sixth Happiness”

“The Jewel in the Crown” (TV Mini-Series)

“The Journey of the Bonesetter’s Daughter”

“The Joy Luck Club”


“The King and I”

“The King of Masks”


“The Last Emperor”

“Latcho Drom”

“Long Life, Happiness &Prosperity”

“Lost Horizon”

“Lost in Translation”

“Madama Butterfly”

“Mississippi Masala”

“Monsoon Wedding”

“My Beautiful Launderette”


“Passage To India”



“Seven Years in Tibet”

“Shall We Dance” (1996 Japanese version)

“Shogun” (TV Mini-series)

“Sita Sings the Blues”

“Teahouse of the August Moon”


“Tora, Tora, Tora!”

“To Live”



“Whale Rider”

“The World of Susie Wong”