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Cultures & Values ~ Colicchio


Do You Want to Be a Cyborg, or a Transhuman? 
The words “cyborg” and “transhuman” are frequently used interchangeably, but to what extent, and in what ways, do the concepts have the same referents? And which is the preferable concept to identify with when contemplating one’s own future? 

Meet the Transhumanists Turning Themselves Into Cyborgs
"Transhumanism" is a relatively new word for the very old belief that humans can transcend the limitations of our mortal bodies. perhaps even mortality itself.

The Ethics of Transhumanism and the Cult of Futurist Biotech
Transhumanism (also abbreviated as H+) is a philosophical movement which advocates for technology not only enhancing human life, but to take over human life by merging human and machine.

When Man Meets Metal: Rise of the Transhumans
At the borderline of technology and biology, ‘bodyhacking’ pioneers are defying nature to redesign their own bodies. Is this really the future?

A woman wearing glasses and an all black outfit stands in front of a black background with the words What does posthuman mean? underlined above her. This image links to a YouTube video on PostHumanism