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Welcome to 2023!

We are very excited to see new and familiar faces back on campus!

Zero-Cost Textbook Initiative

A look into various open resource content for teachers and students.

What is an Zero-Cost Textbook Course at HCCC?

A Zero-Cost Textbook course at Hudson County Community College is a course wherein students will not have to purchase a textbook.

* Zero-Cost Textbook courses can be created by faculty using exclusively licensed OER materials or in combination with materials which are free at the point of access for students.

* Supplementary materials may be required.

HCCC Open Educational Resources Goals

  • Provide access to current educational materials and resources that align with quality academic standards
  • Promote mastery of student learning outcomes
  • Provide instructional materials at no cost to students
  • Promote access to learning by meeting individual needs and interests
  • Increase student engagement using innovative learning materials and experiences
  • Improve teaching and learning through collaborations
  • Advance creativity and innovation in teaching

I'm interested in developing an OER course. What next?

  • Notify your coordinator and division dean
    • Upon doing so, you will be assigned to one of the aforementioned priorities.
  • Meet with librarian and Instructional Technologist to discuss needs
    • In collaboration with librarian, curate course materials, conform with IP law and ADA requirements
    • In collaboration with Instructional Technologist, field materials on Canvas
  • Present course to OER Committee for review and approval
  • Submit course data on student engagement and student success to OER Committee as requested
  • At the end of term, complete a survey and return it to the OER Committee
  • Regularly inspect to insure that course materials remain available