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Welcome to 2023!

We are very excited to see new and familiar faces back on campus!

Open Educational Resources (OER)

A look into various open resource content for teachers and students.

What is an OER Course at HCCC?

An OER course at Hudson County Community College is a course wherein students will not have to purchase a textbook.

* OER courses can be created by faculty using exclusively licensed OER materials or in combination with materials which are free at the point of access for students.

* Supplementary materials may be required.

HCCC Open Educational Resources Goals

  • Provide access to current educational materials and resources that align with quality academic standards
  • Promote mastery of student learning outcomes
  • Provide instructional materials at no cost to students
  • Promote access to learning by meeting individual needs and interests
  • Increase student engagement using innovative learning materials and experiences
  • Improve teaching and learning through collaborations
  • Advance creativity and innovation in teaching


All faculty are encouraged to use OER in their courses and assistance with developing an OER course will be provided. However, due to limited resources, certain courses/sections will receive higher priority. This is designed to allow OER at HCCC to have the largest impact on students.

Top priority – 10 highest-enrolled courses

Medium priority – other courses in high-enrolled majors

Low priority – low-enrollment courses or specialized courses in low-enrolled majors

I'm interested in developing an OER course. What next?

  • Notify your coordinator and division dean
    • Upon doing so, you will be assigned to one of the aforementioned priorities.
  • Meet with librarian and Instructional Technologist to discuss needs
    • In collaboration with librarian, curate course materials, conform with IP law and ADA requirements
    • In collaboration with Instructional Technologist, field materials on Canvas
  • Present course to OER Committee for review and approval
  • Submit course data on student engagement and student success to OER Committee as requested
  • At the end of term, complete a survey and return it to the OER Committee
  • Regularly inspect to insure that course materials remain available

Textbook-Free Courses - 2022 Fall

Course ID Course Name Sections
ARC 105 Intro to Computer Arts 01, N01
ARC 106 Digital Imaging 01, N01
ARC 107 Print Design 01, N01
ARC 109 Interactive/Web Design 01, N01
ARC 115 3D Digital Dsgn Fabrication 01
ARC 201 Digital Video 01, N01
ARC 202 Digital Animation 01, N01
ARC 280 Comp Arts Portfolio & Presentn 01
CRJ 290 Criminal Justice Externship 01, N01, ONR01
CSS 100 College Student Success All sessions
ENG 071 Basic Writing I 01, 01LCC, 02, 03, N01, N03
ENG 073 Basic Writing III QALP
ENG 101 College Composition I QAL
ENG 102 College Comp II 01, 01ART, 01BUS, 01CAI, 01EDU, 01ELT, 01HSC, 01SSC, 02, 02BUS, 02ELT, 03ELT, 04, 04ELT, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, HON01, HON03, HONON, N02, N03, N04, N06, N07, N08, Q01, Q02, QN01
ESL 033 Grammar for ESL Writing III N01
ESL 043 ESL Reading III N03, N04, Q01
ESL 063 ESL Academic Discussion III N03, N04, Q01
HUM 101 Cultures and Values 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 11, 13, 7WK2, N01, N04, Q01
HUS 123 Intro to Addictions 7WK1
HUS 153 Recovery in Addictions 7WK2
HUS 231 Internship in Human Services I 01, 02
HUS 241 Internship Human Services II 01, 02
HUS 251 Practicum in Addiction Counsel 01
PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy ONR01
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 03