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Hold & Pickup


Starting Wednesday, August 12, 2020, HCCC Libraries will offer Hold & Pickup services of books and DVDs at both Gabert Library and North Hudson Library.

Books and DVDs. How to place holds and pickup from our Library. Place holds online. Holds can be placed via our catalog at Wait for pickup notice. Wait for an email indicating if the book/DVD is available or not. Pick up the book/DVD from our library. Once available, proceed to the library to pick up your book. Face mask and social distancing are encouraged.

Step 1. Place Hold

1. Go to Library Homepage to search for the book under the tab “Search Books and Videos”. This will direct you to Library catalog

Screenshot of the Library website search bar with Search Books and Videos highlighted. Harry Potter is typed in the search box. 

2. Once you are in the library catalog, click the link LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT from the upper right corner. Log in with your HCCC email as username and your 7-digit ID as password. 

Library catalog site screenshot. Red arrow and number 1 pointed to a link that says Log In to Your Account. Red arrow and number 2 pointed to pop up box for users to log in to their Koha account.

3. After sign-in, you can request to hold an item by clicking on the “Place Hold” button next to the bookmark icon.  

Screenshot of Harry Potter book with an arrow pointing to Place hold button. 

4. Select the pickup location and press the “Confirm hold” button. Please pick up from the library that holds the item. Book transfer between libraries are temporarily paused until further notice.

Screenshot of confirmed holds. Pick up location is highlighted in yellow with the number 1. Confirm hold button highlighted in red with the number 2.

5. You’ve successfully placed a hold! All the hold requests and statuses can be reviewed in your KOHA account, under the tab “your summary”.

Screenshot of holds confirmation.

Step 2: Wait for Pickup Notification

Once you have placed a hold request, wait for an email from the library that the item on hold is available for pickup. 

Once the email arrives, you can go to the library to pick up items. If the book hasn't been picked up or the library hasn't been contacted within 7 days, we will cancel the hold in order to make it available to other patrons.

Email screenshot. Subject is Hold Available for Pickup at Gabert Library. Message says Dear Devika. You have a hold available for pick up as for 08/21/2020. Title Harry Potter. Author JK Rowling. Copy 1. Location Gabert Library.

Can't find the email? Please check your spam folder or contact the library with any questions. 

Step 3. Pick up from an HCCC Library

1. When you arrive at the library building, go to the service desk . Our library staff will verify your name to make sure the items are picked up by the right patron.


Pickup Area


Gabert Library

1st floor, Reserves Desk


NHC Library

3rd floor, Main Desk


2. Library staff will check out your items from the library system. A checkout notice will be sent to your HCCC email within 15 minutes.

3. Enjoy your book (etc.) for 28 days (DVDs for 14)!  Books can be renewed once, online or by phone.  When you’re done with it, bring it back. Thanks!


Enjoy your book for 28 days (DVDs for 14)!  Books can be renewed once, online or by phone. 

When you’re done with it, bring it back. Thanks!