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As of March 21, 2020, HCCC Libraries have moved online. All physical facilities are closed until further notice. Please visit our Library Services during COVID-19 page for more information.
To get the latest updates from our college, please check HCCC Novel Coronavirus page.

Technology in Libraries

Computer Labs in Libraries

Desktop computers are available to HCCC students and faculty during library hours. Each open lab in the libraries has equipped with printers and scanners for easy access.

Gabert Library Open Lab

1st and 2nd floor within the library.
60 PCs & 17 MAC computers.
4 Black & White printers and 5 scanners.

Gabert open lab

Gabert Library Instruction Lab

L319 in Gabert Library.

30 PCs reserved for class instruction.
1 Black & White printer.

Gabert Library Instruction Lab


NHC Library Open Lab

3rd floor within the library.
30 PCs & 2 MAC computers.
2 Black & White printers and 4 scanners.

NHC library lab

Laptops for Loan

Students, faculty and staff may borrow a laptop or tablet from the Libraries. Borrowing periods are described below:


may borrow one for up to 2 hours.
may renew once if no one else is waiting.

Faculty and Staff

may borrow one for up to the semester.
must return by the end of semester.


Borrowing Form

Complete the form below to borrow a laptop from the libraries.

HCCC Library Laptop/Tablet Borrowing Agreement