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Welcome to 2023!

We are very excited to see new and familiar faces back on campus!

HCCC Libraries Artwork

Showcasing artwork displayed in both Gabert and NHC Libraries.

Special Displays

These displays are not connected to the HCCC Foundation Artwork but are placed throughout HCCC Libraries to showcase work done by staff and other members of the HCCC Community.

Choice Award

Presented to HCCC Libraries on May 6, 2016 by the Association of College and Research Libraries for Excellence in Academic Libraries, HCCC, along with Macalester College and Atlanta University Center, was recognized for its outstanding achievement in working to support the College's mission statement. Carol Van Houten, former HCCC Dean of Libraries, was present to receive the award.

The photo on the cover of Choice Magazine is an original photograph taken by Van Houten and shows a shot of Gabert Library at nighttime.

2016 ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award Winners Announced
List of ACRL winners
Flickr Gallery of presentation at HCCC

Culinary Cake Display

Gabert Library

First floor, Reserves Desk

Kali DAmato cake
Kali DAmato portrait

Kali D'Amato

  • Currently working as Assistant Pastry Chef at
    Son Cubano
  • Wants a career in cake designing and
  • Chose HCCC because of affordability and
  • Her assigned cake theme was bridal shower.
    "I'm a bit more unconventional so I
    designed a cake as if it were my
    own bridal shower and I
    incorporated books into my dark romance
    theme because I'm an avid reader

NHC Library

On magazine cabinet

Emma Dooley cake
Emma Dooley portrait

Emma Dooley

  • Evening pastry chef at Cho-o-Pain
    in Jersey City
  • Wants to specialize in frozen
    desserts and ice creams
  • Chose HCCC because it was one of the top
    culinary schools in NJ and was very affordable.
  • Her assigned cake theme was sweet 16.
    "The reason why I picked
    butterflies and flowers and more
    of a sophisticated
    color palette is because
    when a girl turns 16
    she is blossoming and
    transforming into adulthood."

Student Publications Display Case

Students publication glass display case

Curated by HCCC Archivist, Alexandra Plante, this display in Gabert Library showcases various student publications from the 1970s to the 2000s. Certain publications are no longer being published.

Students Voice November 20 1979
Students' Voice
Vol. 2 No. 5
Nov. 20, 1979

Tapestry Magazine

Mosaic Winter 93 94
Vol. 4 No 1
Winter 1993/94

Crossroads literary magazine 2018 and 2013
Crossroads (two issues)
2018 (left)
2013 (right)

The Orator newspaper September 8 2004
The Orator
Vol 2. No. 1
Sept. 8, 2004

Reflections yearbook 1985
Reflections Yearbook

Students Voice newspaper March 25 1985
Students' Voice
Vol. 7 No. 6
March 25, 1985