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The College Libraries are now open to the HCCC community -

Open Educational Resources (OER)

A look into various open resource content for teachers and students.

What is a Textbook-Free Course?

A textbook-free course does not require the purchase of a textbook. Instead, it provides instructional materials at no cost to students.

A variety of resources, such as open textbooks, web pages, streaming videos, and links to library subscribed documents, are selected by your professors and included in the Canvas course page. 

Please follow your professor's instruction to access these resources.You may view online, download to personal devices, or print out as needed.

Free Access on Campus

Please visit College Libraries and Academic Computer Labs.
Available in most areas on campus. Find more at Wifi Access guide by ITS.
Please visit College Libraries and Academic Computer Labs.

Tips for Success

1. Stay organized - Know where your course readings and activities reside and how to keep track of what is completed.
2. Manage your time - Allow plenty of time to complete readings and assignments.
3. View online or print - You do not need to print everything out. However, make sure you have access to materials in class if required. If you're using a personal device for study, we recommend download the resources in case of Internet access issue. 
4. Plan a Distraction Free Zone - Find a quiet spot for study in order to avoid disruptions. College libraries and some buildings have quiet study area.
5. Be prepared for technology needs - Online resources can be viewed from computers, tablets or smartphones. Some resources may require current versions of Adobe Acrobat, Flash, Java, and your Office 365 account. If you don't have access to them at home, you're welcome to use the college libraries and computer labs on campus.

Need Help?

Have questions about course content? Check with your professors.

Cant' log in HCCC Portal? Ask ITS Help Desk.

Have a Canvas issue? Contact Center for Online Learning.

Need a tutor? Contact Tutorial Services.

Need help with finding and using resources? Ask a librarian.