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The College Libraries are now open to the HCCC community -

Using Library Resources in Canvas

This guide details how to use and embed library resources in Canvas so that students can access the content you have chosen.

Link to a LinkedIn Learning Course

Note: LinkedIn Learning only allows for direct links to whole courses. Linking to individual videos or other resources is not enabled. Regardless of which video within a course you use to grab the link, the link will direct to the first video in the course.

1. Go to the library website and click on Database A-Z.


2. Click on the L to see relevant databases, then click on LinkedIn Learning.



3. Use the search bar at the top to find resources on a specific topic, or use the drop-down Browse menu to select a topic.




4. Select a course that you wish to share. Click on the course title to view.

5. Click on the small arrow button in the right corner of the banner over the video player. Remember that only courses can be shared, not individual videos.



6. Click the Link option from the menu that drops down.



7. Click the Copy button in the window that pops up to copy the permalink.



8. Paste the permalink into Canvas.