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Welcome to 2023!

We are very excited to see new and familiar faces back on campus!

Using Library Resources in Canvas

This guide details how to use and embed library resources in Canvas so that students can access the content you have chosen.

What is a Persistent Link?

A persistent link is a URL that allows users to link directly to an online article, document, book, etc. and allows students to access the HCCC Libraries' electronic subscriptions. 

Persistent links are also known as durable links, stable links, or permalinks. 

Persistent links can be placed within Canvas, course syllabi, and reading lists. 

Why Should I Use a Persistent Link?

  • Persistent links help databases keep track of how often and how many resources are downloaded. This helps librarians know what is important to you.
  • You can link to a resource and remain copyright compliant. Failure to follow copyright laws can result in fines for the department and university. 

Off Campus Links

EZProxy Prefix for Hudson County Community College:

When you save links in Canvas, they have to be both persistent and proxied in order to take you back to the same place again from on or off campus.

Not all persistent URLs are proxied URLs. Proxying a URL prompts off-campus users for a login.

For example:

Persistent URL from JSTOR
(will only work from on campus):

Proxied persistent url from JSTOR
(will work from on or off campus):

Some databases automatically format persistent urls as proxied, but if not, you can set them up yourself by adding

to the front of the URL, as in the example above. Having done this, the URL should prompt you for your HCCC login if you are off campus.

NOTE: When adding the prefix to the front of a URL, always make sure that the two parts of the link have joined to form one link. You can determine this by testing the link or by hovering over it with your cursor; if the whole link is underlined or highlighted when you do so, it should work as intended.