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Culinary Arts

To assist students enrolled in HCCC Culinary Arts Program


 Welcome to the Hudson County Community College Culinary Arts research guide. This guide is
 designed to serve as a supplement for students who are enrolled in the Culinary Arts program.

 The purpose of this guide is to assist students in taking advantage of all the resources available to
them here at HCCC. 

 This home page lists general resources that cover a broad spectrum of culinary topics. For more
 specific subject area topics, please see the subject tabs to the left.


General Cook Books

Cooking History

Journal Articles

When using the databases below, select the subject term that best describes what you are looking for. (ex. "braised chicken").

Do not enter whole sentences. Unlike Google, these databases search by keywords and subjects. If your search requires more than one or two terms (ex. "pork ribs" AND "BBQ") then try an Advanced Search and enter your search words in separate rows.

For further information on searching these databases see the Help guides below:

Food Science