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The College Libraries are now open to the HCCC community -

Students Tech Guide

Navigating HCCC technology

About VDI

HCCC Libraries' open labs are equipped with VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) computers. VDI operates like your personal computer. However, the operating system image is instead hosted by a server in which every computer is equipped with the same programs and will be given the same updates all at the same time.

Each VDI computer has two desktop images that can be switched: a general Windows 10 desktop with basic software every student needs and a STEM desktop with software pertaining to STEM classes (such a software for programming). You can easily switch between the desktops on the VDI computers. If you are in the Library and need a certain software for your STEM class, you don't need to walk to the STEM building, just switch desktop images!

Please be advised that after 15 minutes of inactivity, the VDI terminal will log you off. You can log back in immediately and continue at the same spot.

Also, please save all your work in a flash drive or a cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). The VDI terminals will not keep anything saved locally in the computer (anything saved on the desktop or documents folder will be gone after 30 minutes). You can save directly to One Drive X which is connected to your HCCC OneDrive.

This page contains a guide on how to log in and use the VDI terminals.

Logging in

1. Write your username in the “username” section without including or
Example: If you are a student and your username is, put only jsmith3456.

If you are a staff and your username is, put only jdoe

2. Write your password in the “Password” section and click "Login" or just press Enter. Your desktop will display after.

OneDrive Mapper

After logging in, a dialogue box will come up asking you to type in your password for OneDrive mapper. This will allow you access to OneDrive X which is connected to your own Microsoft OneDrive for HCCC. Type in the password you use to log in to HCCC. 

OneDrive X is connected through your Microsoft OneDrive for HCCC. If you have files stored in OneDrive, they will show up in OneDrive X. You can access them normally like you would access files through a Windows 10 computer. 

Under "Network locations" click OneDrive X. You can also use this drive to save files if you are working on a document such as on Microsoft Word or Excel.

Please note that it is best to save your work on a cloud storage such as OneDrive and Google Drive OR a flash drive. The VDI computers will NOT keep any files saved internally.

Automatic log out

Please be aware that all VDI computers are pre-programmed to log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Every time you “log in,” the computer will display this message, click the “OK” button, and you will be able to use the computer 

How to switch to the STEM desktop

Please be aware that it is possible to switch from windows to STEM image or vice versa.

*The purpose of having both images (Windows and STEM) is that you will be able to use the available programs.

1. Move the mouse cursor to the left side of the computer to display the vertical bar shown in the picture.

1. Select this option "STEM Desktop"      located at the vertical bar of the computer. (Second option in the vertical bar.)

This will take you to the STEM desktop which has programs specifically tailored for STEM students.

Logging out

VDI Method


Move the mouse cursor to the left side of the computer to display the vertical bar shown in the picture.


Click the turn on/off   Step 2 button located at the bottom of the vertical bar


 After you click the turn on/off button, this image will appear. Make sure "Sign-off" is selected. Click the “OK” button shown in the picture.

step 3



After you click the “OK” button the following image might appear, to proceed to sign out press “YES” as shown in the picture.

step 4


How to sign out from both images (Windows and STEM)

If you are signed in to both the Windows 10 and STEM images, you will need to sign out twice.

*Using the VDI method you only need to sign out once whether you used one image or both of them (Windows and/or STEM)

Click on the Windows icon on the bottom left, click on your user name at the top, and click "Sign out."