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Students Tech Guide

Navigating HCCC technology


HCCC Connect-Ed is HCCC's emergency notification software that alerts the HCCC community on any emergencies and alerts happening in the college. It could be school closures due to inclement weather or active shooter notifications. The notification will alert you via email, text, and/or phone call. It is highly advised that all students, staff, and faculty sign up for Connect-Ed to be in communication for any emergencies regarding the College.

How to register

Sign in to your HCCC portal and click on "Emergency Notifications".


This will lead you to the Emergency Notification Portal. If you already have an account sign in. 

For new users click on "Sign Me Up!" next to the "Login" button

Fill in your credentials. You can use your HCCC email for email notifications. Be sure your password has a minimum of 8 characters with upper case letters and numbers. Check the "I agree..." message in order to continue.

You will get a confirmation email afterwards. Click the link in the email to confirm the registration.

Fill in the security questions and click "Save".

You will get a confirmation that you are now signed up for Connect-Ed. Continue logging in to set up contacts.

Type in your HCCC ID number in the blank box.

Then enter a phone number

Once a contact is found click "Associate" or "Student" depending on your status in the College.

Setting up contacts

Upon logging in you will have pre-loaded data on phone numbers and email addresses associated with your account. Check the box next to "YES this is mine" if it is a contact you want to use for notifications. Otherwise leave it blank and continue.

On the next screen, select how you would like to receive information.

To add a brand new address, click "Add Address" and fill in your residential address.

To add an additional email, click "Add Email".

To add an additional mobile contact, click "Add Phone" and choose if you want to receive a voice, text, and/or TTY if you are deaf/hard of hearing.

For mobile notifications, you can choose receiving an automated voice message, a text message and/or a TeleTypewriter (TTY) if you are deaf/hard of hearing. You can choose one, both, or all types of communication.

Select the contact to edit details or delete it with the symbols on the right side.

When finished click "Next" to manage your subscriptions.

Set your subscriptions

Manage what kind of notifications you want to receive from Connect-Ed by clicking which boxes you want to receive notifications. By default "Emergency" is checked for all emergency related notifications.

Set how you want to be reached regarding your subscriptions. By default, Emergency is checked. You can only edit the "Outreach" section.

Click "Save" and you will be finished with registering with Connect-Ed. You can always log back in to make some edits and manage your subscriptions.