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Students Tech Guide

How to use the scanner

Here's a guide on one of the most frequently asked questions in Library: how to use the scanner. 

1. On the desktop, click the icon for Epson Scan 2.

2a. Choose "Grayscale" in Image Type. Make sure that the box for "Add or edit pages after scanning" is checked. Make sure you know where your file is being saved to under "Folder".


2b. If you want to scan a textbook or documents, choose "PDF". If you want to scan pictures, choose "JPEG", "PNG", or "BITMAP". "PDF" is what students usually need for textbooks and documents.

3.On the bottom, click "Scan". The scanner will then begin scan your page. 

4. You will then get a dialogue box asking if you want to add more pages to your scan. This is helpful if you are scanning a textbook or documents and you want all scans to be in the same file. Click "Add" if you want to add another page. Do this after you change the page on the scanner.


5. If you want to make some changes, you can click "Edit" and it will show you all the pages you have scanned so far. You can select a page or many pages and delete it or rotate it. You can also reorder pages as you see fit. 


6. If you are finished scanning and editing your pages, click "Save".


7. A window will pop up after scanning. Be sure to look for your file in the window after you have scanned. In most cases, scanned documents are called "img" followed by a number. You are able to change the file name if you choose to do so.